Dear Editor,

Regarding the story in last week’s paper about the North East Supervisors addressing a resident’s traffic concern; I applaud Jack Rizzo for bringing this to the attention of the supervisors.

I also believe this is a critical problem in the North East Borough and Township. I live in the borough on Wellington Street, which has a 25 mph speed limit and most of the time it seems like I live on Route 89 because of the speed people drive on this street.

I see flashing lights that were recently mounted on the speed limit signs on Orchard Beach Road, and I hope more will be installed throughout the borough and township in the near future, as stated in the article.

The radar unit placed on that street is also an effective tool to make people aware of their speed. I would like to see the radar unit placed in front of my house on Wellington Street to hopefully make people realize how fast they are going.

I would also like to inform Supervisor August Neff that his statement, “It’s basically the society we live in. People don’t drive slowly,” may be true but it is a law and should be enforced, not ignored.

At the very least, I would like to see more police presence on my street enforcing the speed limit and getting people to observe the posted speed limit.

Mike Dayton

North East resident

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